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Before moving into the world of work (and primarily to further my ambitions as a rugby player) I undertook my degree in English at Loughborough University. These three years convinced me about the value of being able to communicate effectively—making a point, defending a position, setting out the reasoning behind an argument or just explaining the details of a theory to someone.

After graduation I joined Arena International where I was fortunate to spend almost twelve years learning and moving up through the business. I became the sales lead for a series of global accounts with a focus on clinical research, medtech, and the wider biopharma and healthcare space. My horizons were further expanded into solutions for MarTech and other business development platforms for our clients.

As Arena became part of Progressive Media and later GlobalData, I came to enjoy the unique position of working for a “company within a company”. I encountered the rapid growth and development that is so often integral to small, dynamic organisations, while also gaining valuable experience from the perspective of our much larger, multi-national parent company.

At GlobalData I was involved with growing a number of accounts by increasing global exposure across four continents. This gave me the opportunity to work alongside numerous small and mid-size organisations, especially in the fast moving technology space. It has been really enjoyable, knowing how to help them reach new markets, expand industry presence and just take their businesses to the next level.

Tapping into GlobalData’s significant corporate knowledge and data resources, I used the latest industry information and trends to advise my clients on the best way forward for their specific organisation. I can relate strongly then to BEAN and the "intelligence led" approach to strategic decision making.

As you might expect from someone with such a strong history in sales, I am a very strong proponent of taking a personal and considered approach to business relationships. I am also a firm believer in the application of planning, process and data-driven insights to inform strategic decision making. This fits closely with the BEAN “right outcome” objective for every client, which is one of many reasons I am hugely excited about being part of this business going forward.


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