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BEAN Partners

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I have always been fascinated by people taking on entrepreneurial challenges at every level of the economy. Founders have a vision but they need the right support and advice at all stages to make their vision successful. 

I came to the UK from India in 2008 to study an MBA and have been with BEAN Partners since 2011. I have seen the company grow out of the UK into multiple territories, while my role has also grown, initially from Analyst to Operations and now Finance Director, responsible for business support globally.

I can say that it has been very fulfilling as I have seen first-hand how our clients have benefited with the right kind of advice, sometimes having to make difficult emotional decisions to achieve the vision that the Founders had at the beginning.

Time and again we have come across the statement “wish we got this advice earlier" or that "we had the tools to identify things early on”. Hence the need for BEAN Partners and its services. I am proud to have been a part of it from the early days and I remain excited about what the future holds.


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