Strategic Insights: Quantum Computing Investment Trends

Strat Insights:


One giant QUANTUM leap for mankind...

Startups in Quantum Computing leverage the unique properties of quantum mechanics to build computers that can solve a range of intensive computational problems. Most recently, advances in hardware and research breakthroughs are accelerating funding activity in this area like never before.

With the much anticipated merger of Honeywell Quantum Solutions and Cambridge Quantum finally over the line and now reborn as “Quantinuum” the 2021 'bar' on the chart of Quantum Computing investment has grown by another $300 million!

BEAN Partners has been active in and closely monitoring the Quantum Computing space for some time. As part of our Strategic Insights Series, we have recently compiled a timely summary of the latest market dynamics in the sector.

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Issue 3 Contents:

  • Quantum Computing: top investors and companies to watch
  • Worldwide investment trends in Quantum Computing
  • Leading Quantum Computing applications


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