Do you have a Valuation Strategy?

Do you have
a Valuation


Our team spends a good portion of their time seeking out both independent and portfolio-held companies that have the potential to achieve high valuations relative to their competition.

What is interesting with most companies that we help is that we almost always achieve an increase in their valuation; but not necessarily just by following the blood, sweat, and tears path of increasing earnings, revenue, or profit.

Instead, we focus on the ‘M’ in the formula...

V (Valuation) = E (Earnings) x M (Multiple)

We could tell you the story of a supply chain technology and service provider who were tasked with achieving a £75m exit. After following our process, they will now achieve double that valuation in the same time frame. We also shifted their acquisition strategy en route to avoid negative impact on overall company value.

We achieved this because of our focus on engineering an increase to the multiple rather than just looking at revenue and profit. BEAN Partners have built an exceptional reputation for taking this approach, regardless of whether our clients are looking to sell, raise capital, or they are just seeking to enhance their strategic options at some point in the future.

Interested in finding out more about BEAN Partners and our intelligence led approach to corporate finance? Might your business benefit from the development of a Valuation Strategy that will de-risk your decision making process?

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Alex O'Leary
Head of Global Sales
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