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Over the last 25 years I’ve had an incredibly rewarding career—living and working in five countries across multiple industries. I’ve worked for large companies, such as Google, RBC and Accenture, but I have also worked with small, fast growing tech companies as a founder, investor and advisor.

The common thread across my career has been a passion for learning new things, solving problems and moving quickly. This initially led me to study engineering, and throughout my career I’ve found that the tech industry has frequently been able to deliver on these passions.

After completing an MBA at INSEAD in France, I started working with European telco’s in the late 90s helping them to develop their ‘data strategy’ before becoming part of the founding team for a UK based 'dotcom' in 2000. This business was acquired in 2006 for £210 million. The entrepreneurial ‘itch’ drove me to build my own internet retail loyalty business in 2007 which now has a million+ members and has pivoted to become a micro-savings fintech.

I then spent six years at Google building a deep understanding of digital marketing, eCommerce and sales. While I was there I grew revenue under my responsibility 10 times and also learned everything that I had been doing wrong to create an amazing culture at my own business!

Two years ago, I decided to become a full time advisor—working with tech companies to help them grow by building sales and marketing capabilities. As they become ever larger I have helped them to grow even further by scaling their operations and leveraging partnerships.

Increasingly companies are looking to grow through acquisition or fully realise the value of their business by selling. I have joined with the incredible team of experienced advisors at BEAN Partners so I can help support other founders and tech companies in North America who are looking to make that journey and achieve their best possible outcome.

At BEAN Partners we are much more than a group of investment bankers because we are operators and Founders at heart who wake up every day excited to help other Founders, Corporates & Investors gain maximum business success.


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