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Growing up in Australia, my interest in business stemmed from my Father who made the big move out of a senior corporate job to help drive the growth of a privately owned, medium sized enterprise. This experience was a catalyst for him to raise capital and set about founding his own business. I can vividly recall proudly watching him build everything up from scratch. I also remember getting to mow the lawns at the factory to earn a few  dollars during my school breaks!

Always with an avid interest in how the world works, I studied Economics before an early military career. Preferring to work with technology and machinery, I joined the tank regiment before doing a Masters Degree in Technology Management and working as a staff officer supporting the implementation of high tech projects for Australia’s Special Forces.

The high performance culture of the tank regiment and SAS left a mark on me and a drive to build and support businesses with the ambition to be the best in their field, adapting with intellect and commitment to the challenges confronted.

By my late 20s I had left the Army and started my first business, also studying a corporate finance degree at the same time because I saw this as my biggest ‘knowledge gap’. The reality was I had many such gaps and this initial venture taught me some important lessons, many of which I still reflect upon.

My business journey over the next seven years took me through two exits and also brought me to London in 2005. I’ve always loved the connectivity of London and saw that software and digital technology was going to become pervasive in all aspects of life and business. 

For over 15 years now, I have immersed myself as an advisor in this world—working with high growth companies and their investors as well as some corporates with a focus on growth strategies, sale preparation and M&A.

Most of the M&A transactions I have executed have had a cross border requirement including selling European startups into USA ‘Big Tech’. 

At BEAN Partners we strive to be a high performance organisation ourselves and so we care deeply about the outcomes that are achieved for all those who put their trust in us.


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