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My entrepreneurial spirit and passion for business started with countless hours of long car journeys and around the dinner table growing up. My parents have always been entrepreneurs, so we would talk for hours about the rewarding, exciting, and stressful world of running your own business. 

While studying for my bachelor's degree in Politics, Philosophy & Economics at the University of Exeter, my interest in business inspired me to start my own e-commerce business in 2017. After initial success in its first year, I decided to spend another year and a half developing and growing the company. Those 18 months were incredibly challenging but ultimately very rewarding and a fantastic learning experience. 

I decided to take that experience and apply it to consulting.

Working in consulting taught me structure, diligence and self-discipline. It also allowed me to work across a range of sectors, solve complex challenges and understand further the anatomy of successful companies. In 2020, I worked on an investment project for a fast growing payments provider. It was here that I came to realise how much I love analysing and working with companies from an investment and high growth perspective. 

I joined BEAN in 2021 and I feel very fortunate indeed to watch, listen and learn from the experienced team around me. I have already had the opportunity to work across a wide range of deals and projects. I absolutely love the variety of challenges posed by each client and understanding the competitive landscape they are trying to grow in.


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