Fact:   Fewer than 2% of companies seeking to raise
institutional growth funding are SUCCESSFUL

You need access to proven dealmakers in technology !

We have over 15 years of experience operating in private capital markets globally with proven and unrivalled reach into:

  • venture capital,
  • private equity,
  • private family offices, and
  • alternative sources of capital.

We work closely with investors, often advising them on the buy and sell side requirements of their portfolio.

As a result we know how they think and what they are looking for. Therefore we will work with you to develop your equity story to ensure that it 'resonates' with investors.

Combined with our access to investors, this cuts through the noise associated with filtering deal flow.

With more complex situations we have the ability to draw on the full capabilities of our own Intelligence Unit to underpin our creative thinking and associated solutions.

BEAN Partners'
Corporate Finance Unit

What Growth Funding services can we provide?

High Growth Tech

We advise high growth technology companies through multiple rounds of funding from Series A to exit for data and AI driven businesses in the following core sectors:

Marketing Tech
Supply Chain Tech
Health Tech

Advanced Industrial

We advise advanced industrial companies on later stage funding from Series B to exit in the following core sectors:

Energy Tech
Resources Tech
Robotics and Automation

Tech Services

We advise technology enabled service companies on later stage funding from Series B to exit in the following core sectors:

Data Services
Cloud and Infrastructure
Cyber Security
Managed Services
Network Services

BEAN Series A Clients

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BEAN Partners'
Corporate Finance Unit

Client Characteristics

Dynamic team
Established market position
International potential
High performance metrics
Multiple exit channels
Large addressable market
Proven and rapid adoption
Data and AI capabilities
Network effects