BEAN Partners — Intelligence

What do we mean by intelligence ?

it's so much more than just collecting raw data or gathering information !

We call it intelligence because our process ensures (where practicable) that the resulting product is:

  • multi-sourced,
  • cross-verified,
  • actionable, and
  • based on directed strategic requirements.

Combined with our real experience, this process delivers unique insights that FoundersCorporates and Institutional Investors require in order to:

  • de-risk strategic decision making,
  • optimise deployment of capital, and
  • accelerate value creation.

We've rethought
Corporate Finance
to address the key reason
why most transactions FAIL

It's time for the BEAN Partners
intelligence led approach.


Our Intelligence Unit has amassed specific and comprehensive data sets across multiple territories and a broad range of sectors.


In all cases our Intelligence Unit has made a substantial and measurable impact on the people we serve and their businesses.


In many cases our Intelligence Unit has delivered life changing clarity when the time has come to make critical strategic decisions.

BEAN Partners'
Intelligence Unit

What services can we provide?

  • Sell side analysis
  • Buy side analysis
  • Market mapping
  • Technological trends
  • Business modelling
  • Product viability
  • Benchmarking
    key metrics

Who are they designed for?


We support Founders (and owners), often through their management teams, by providing key intelligence as they seek to deploy capital for business growth.

Company Boards
Management Teams


We provide both 'white labelled' and branded intelligence in support of 'middle market' Corporates and business advisors who want to add insight and depth to client offerings.

Legal Professionals


We provide intelligence for Institutional Investors as they support portfolio companies to deploy capital effectively and build equity value for exit.

Family Offices
Venture Capital
Private Equity

Thanks to BEAN Partners' business intelligence we were able to map out the entire acquisition landscape for our portfolio company which meant we could really hit the ground running with our acquisition strategy once we completed the research project.