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During the last couple of years, while riding the rollercoaster of uncertainty called a pandemic, I was very pleased to graduate from the University of Surrey with a joint degree in Business and Spanish, having also managed to complete an internship during my third year at a small start-up company in Barcelona.

Inspired by this time abroad, learning about new cultures and other ways of doing things, I took a job offer in the Netherlands to work in a fast-growing SaaS company. This involved me in business development, mainly reaching out to Fortune 500 companies based in the US. Although this role did not turn out to be ‘my cup of tea’, I did learn a great deal and was able to take away many positives from the opportunity.

If nothing else, I have certainly discovered a little more about myself as a result of this first year working in a professional environment.

First and foremost, I realised the kind of job I really wanted next and also what values in a company I would be willing to align myself with. I was therefore immediately intrigued by the offering from BEAN Partners and grew more confident with each interview stage that this would be a place where I really wanted to take the next step.

What excites me most about my role is that the intelligence analysis I do underpins all facets of the business, while the opportunity to contribute across a range of different projects provides variety and broadens my professional horizons. More so, there is a clearly defined culture at BEAN that I believe aligns particularly well with my own values.

Outside of work you will most likely find me doing some sort of sport-related activity, such as football, tennis, basketball, or even boxing which I have just taken up. Wish me luck!


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