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Growing up in Mumbai I recall observing my father with his technical trading charts, tracking the stock markets. No wonder, as I began my undergraduate studies in Management, that I had a strong inclination to learn all about the ‘nitty-gritty’ of the financial world. Motivated to further expand my specialist knowledge of investment and financing, I went on to complete all three levels of my Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) qualification by May 2021.

I first came to the UK in August 2019 to pursue my Masters in Finance in the beautiful and vibrant city of Newcastle upon Tyne. Being something of an ‘ambivert’ I was both overwhelmed and thrilled to be travelling, exploring new places and interacting with people from diverse cultural and educational backgrounds.

Embracing my new independent life, I interned as an Investment Analyst in fundraising with a mini-investment bank, before accepting a full-time position in the sell-side M&A space.

This role gave me practical, first-hand experience with financial modelling, valuation analysis, facilitating M&A transactions and observing deal negotiations.

When I first met with the BEAN Partners team, I instantly felt at ease with their organisational culture and philosophy. As a Corporate Finance Analyst, I am working closely with growth funding and M&A clients. My motto is ‘don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits’...so I am enjoying the challenge of building and analysing complex financial models, while also engaging with founders and observing entrepreneurs with many varied experiences and viewpoints.

Outside work, you might find me spending a weekend away with my friends in a new city (feeding the ‘hodophile’ inside). Otherwise, I like to watch sitcoms and, occasionally, do some cooking in my free time. But nothing makes me happier than music and a relaxing walk along the riverfront, except...well if loving cricket is a crime, then I plead guilty!


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