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Originally from Rwanda, I grew up having to move around many different countries, including time in South Africa and Malawi. This led me to explore different cultures and made me curious as to why there are such disparities in economic development. Ever since I have been searching for a better understanding of what fuels growth in people, businesses and economies.

I co-founded my own small business right after high school, running it for about two years before gaining a scholarship to attend the University of Alberta and moving to Canada.

All the mistakes, failures and wins I had experienced drew me to pursue studies in finance and economics, giving me a platform to cultivate my curiosity and broaden my perspective on business, community and social issues. I became totally immersed in innovation hubs, student politics, non-profit work and a range of community projects.

After graduating with a Commerce degree in 2020, I joined a major online service delivery team where I gained practical experience navigating day to day operations in a fast moving business. I quickly realised how much I still had to learn about technology and what it takes to build a successful company.

Therefore, I decided to make a move into the world of fintech and venture capital, joining Georgian in the winter of 2021 as a market researcher. I became part of a nine month software development ‘sprint’ where I learned more about how founders and entrepreneurs work to build and scale their businesses.

When figuring out what I wanted to do next, I knew it should be to pursue something in finance and tech. I was very pleased to join BEAN Partners in February 2022, becoming their first analyst in North America, based out of the Toronto office.

I love that this involves working with founders, owners and investors to figure out the next step for a business, whether it is raising capital, providing support with a buyside or sellside transaction process, or researching vital business intelligence to help scale their business.

When I am not learning about new tech or debating the merits of a certain course of action, you will probably find me bingeing comedy on Netflix or looking for new recipes (I love cooking). More lately, you might see me trying out some new sports — I started playing tennis and basketball — but don't ask me yet how that is going!


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