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BEAN Partners

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For over 30 years I have been involved in a number of entrepreneurial ventures, in some cases more adventure than venture! 

I started my business life in property development which took me across the globe from the UK to Australia, where I spent five wonderful years involved in a diverse portfolio of businesses, from commercial property, the wine trade, and (as you do in Australia) a swimwear business. 

Upon returning to the UK, I was involved as a Founder in a media company, and after exiting gained an MBA at what was then Henley Management College. I became involved with BEAN Partners soon after in 2010. 

I was drawn to BEAN Partners by the ambition, desire and determination to succeed from an early stage which has driven the company to where it is now. 

I have always been strong at building strategic business relationships. Having been permanently based between Toronto and New York for the past few years, I have naturally lent my capabilities and network to the development of the BEAN Partners business in North America. 

From my perspective, BEAN Partners has remained ambitious and determined — now add to that nearly two decades of knowledge, learning and intelligence and I you can see why I am excited to remain involved in the next stage of the journey.


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