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What is it about
Mergers and Acquisitions ?

Between 70% and 90% of companies that 'go to market' FAIL to sell.

Often those transactions that do actually complete are disappointing for the Owners despite years of hard work, investment and risk.

Looking for 'Sell Side' M&A services?

Before looking to undertake any M&A transaction it is critical to understand the desired outcome from the process. This is often a 'blend' of many things such as:

  • valuation aspirations,
  • legacy factors, and
  • Founder life drivers.

To achieve the best outcome it is often critical that the context for these choices is clear before embarking on an expensive, time consuming and intensive activity.

We deliver the clarity needed to move forward with confidence through a combination of factors:

  • utilising insights gained from our Intelligence Unit,
  • real personal experience,
  • deep sector knowledge,
  • extensive international reach, and
  • our complete understanding of the transaction process.

The combination of the insights provided through our Intelligence Unit together with our real personal experience and complete understanding of the transaction process delivers the clarity required to move forward with confidence.

Many 'middle market' companies look to execute acquisition strategy opportunistically.

They don’t invest in the resources and capabilities required to develop the deeper research that is needed to identify the right targets and to make the transaction process efficient and impactful.

Interested in 'Buy Side' M&A services?

Our Intelligence Unit has mapped privately owned as well as venture capital and private equity backed companies across a broad range of sectors globally.

We’ve developed the capabilities to enhance this data so as to support your specific M&A requirements. This not only increases deal flow for your consideration but also provides intelligence to prioritise approaches and engagement opportunities.

This means that when capital is deployed in an acquisition strategy it is based on real data and intelligence.

The use of this intelligence in combination with our proven strategic frameworks ensures M&A synergies are achieved that increase scalability and hence the overall value of your business.

BEAN Partners'
Corporate Finance Unit

We advise both buyers and sellers in the following technology based sectors:



Marketing Tech
Supply Chain Tech
Health Tech

Advanced Industrial


Energy Tech
Resources Tech
Robotics and Automation

Tech Services


Data Services
Cloud and Infrastructure
Cyber Security
Managed Services
Network Services

As Board advisor to Finametrica (a Sydney based 'fintec' business) I knew a strategic buyer would be international. BEAN Partners were the perfect partner to execute this deal given their knowledge of the tech landscape and their cross border capabilities. After what was possibly the most extensive search I have ever seen, the business was successfully sold to Toronto based Plan Plus, which was a step for the Founders towards the more recent sale to Chicago based Morningstar.

Chris Dionne

Board advisor

BEAN Partners'
Corporate Finance Unit

Client Characteristics

Dynamic team
Established market position
International potential
High performance metrics
Multiple exit channels
Large addressable market
Proven and rapid adoption
Data and AI capabilities
Network effects