Senior Analyst
Intelligence Unit



BEAN Partners

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Prior to BEAN, I completed undergraduate and Masters degrees in Economics and Finance before lecturing university students in London. It was there I discovered a love for laying out complex concepts and applying a clear methodology to get straight to the point of pain before moving forward. This has proven highly relevant and effective in my client interactions and through presentation of truly directed research that gets to the heart of the issue. 

I joined BEAN Partners in July 2017 where I have since been delighted to work with motivated and passionate Founders and Management Teams across varied sectors. At present I’m a senior analyst with the Intelligence Unit.

I get a real kick out of unearthing useful insights and data to guide critical business decisions and strategy. Seeing the positive results down the track is even better! Our approach, combining data driven and research led insights to generate confidence into a future path has always rung true on a personal level with me.

I am particularly interested in the continually disruptive nature of technology and the opportunities this presents to think creatively in deal making and M&A activity. Where I had always been a very keen rower (throughout and after university), I am now more family orientated, so you can likely find me running around Hyde park during lunch.


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