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From a very early age I wanted to understand how the most complex things worked...and this ultimately led me towards Science and Engineering.

Starting off my career at a privately owned, mid tier business in the Chemicals Technology market, I was exposed to M&A from an early stage. With a mandate to grow the company globally I was able to figure out what it takes to make a great business.

A particularly challenging phase was building a business whilst working on my PhD in Quantum Physics. Having a clear vision on what I wanted to achieve helped massively along with endless flights allowing me to write my thesis.

After managing a successful 'exit' in 2012 my passionate interest in all things technology, innovation and entrepreneurialism only grew. Even so, my route from there into a role in Corporate Finance was somewhat unforeseen!

However, the combination of my love for 'numbers' together with my transaction knowledge and operational experience has created all the elements I need to embark on this next stage of my career.

As co-founder at BEAN Partners, our idea has been to take these considerable shared experiences and apply them across a portfolio of high performing companies to become the 'go to' technology advisory company. Our drive is to build a team and platform that is a powerful and scalable resource globally for founders, owners and investment funds.

People often see me as a 'deal guy' with my focus on building key relationships with some of the leading investment funds across the globe, while also working to raise new capital for fast growth companies across the technology spectrum. I’ve also managed exits (both cross border and within the UK) to some of the leading FTSE250’s.

At BEAN Partners I do see the world through 'numbers' but I’m energised by Founders who have the ambition to build a great business and I look forward to meeting many more in the future.


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