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After studying economics (together with economic history), it seemed a career in banking and financial services would be the most logical progression for me.

I have since spent a lot of time working with a wide range of businesses, from clients to product providers and other professional service firms. This experience gives me a real understanding of the common challenges that face every founder or owner-manager, as well as all the listed financial services companies who seek to attract the assets of these clients.

Working closely with business owners has provided me with greater insight into planning processes (or the lack of plans) for managing an exit strategy. This also resulted in a profound transition with my own role in financial services, from being product-led to having a greater focus on client outcomes and their ‘journey to exit’.

Qualifying as an investment manager was a significant driver of change for me. I then began to look at each business I was involved with from a potential buyer's perspective.

This coincided with having to do some ‘hard yards’ to re-engineer my business model because of a significant change in legislation. This change became the catalyst that put the company on a path to acquisition. Working out the businesses NOT to transact with became as much of a learning curve as completing a successful transaction.

A keen interest in technology, particularly Fintech and its applications, especially attracted me to BEAN Partners. Not just intellectual rigour and real experience, but also caring about those founders and owners who have worked hard to build their businesses. It excites me to realise the synergy of our collective knowledge can lead to even more successful client outcomes.


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