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My father left the military after a 25 year career, going on to found his own successful consultancy business. As a boy, I found it fascinating to observe his inner entrepreneur emerge and flourish in such a different arena — an arena which looked completely alien to me, as I set off on my own journey into the Arts as an actor and writer. After one particularly poor year (and with a mortgage to pay) I ‘temporarily’ got ‘a proper job’.

It was 1995 — the year I fell in love with business.

I realised there was equal, even greater, scope for creativity in the commercial world, and have since founded, run and exited numerous fast growth B2B media and consulting businesses (two of which were technically ‘gazelles’).

For a decade, I’ve also supported Founders to avoid the regret experienced by the majority who never realise the commercial and/or cultural outcomes they dream of — despite the huge effort, risk, investment and stress that is so often involved.


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