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Before BEAN I had studied a Commerce Degree at the University of Exeter and then ended up spending a few years working in the charity sector. I was mainly based in the rift valley in Kenya where I was a teacher and active blogger.

My co-founders and I set up a NGO to support a local community, providing access to early stage education with the aim being to increase the chances of underprivileged children getting into the best primary schools in the region.

I joined BEAN Partners in January 2017 and immediately realised I was working for a different kind of company—one that puts the Founder first and empowers them to fulfil their goals on the path to exit. I bought into this philosophy without any need for persuasion. 

Having started off as a back office report writer and number cruncher, I now perform a number of roles in the business, including taking a lead on M&A and growth funding projects, while continuing to build our investment ecosystem. Running deals is the most exciting and rewarding part of my job!

I enjoy analysing financial models and feasting on content that provides fresh perspectives. I also love the opportunity to talk to innovative entrepreneurs who are trailblazing new paths in their industries. I dislike balance sheets that do not balance.

In my free time you will find me double faulting on a tennis court, avoiding conversations on football index and trying to understand why I keep losing at Perudo to my friends.


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