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Transforming Share Price for Mid-Cap Businesses


As CEO, you have the opportunity to be the champion of your success story, leading your business into consistent and significant share price improvement.


Your Board are expecting you to effect change, the pressure is on.


It isn’t easy, especially in a legacy business. Acquisitions are a solid strategy and yet 70-80% of M&A activity disappoints (Forbes).


Let us help you to accelerate your share price transformation journey, and enjoy the experience.

What We Do

What We Do

If you're the CEO of a tech-enabled service business that's either…

A large private conglomerate turning over £100m-£500m revenue with an enterprise value of £100m-£1bn


A small to mid cap corporate with a market cap between £250m-£4bn


  • Has a portfolio of business units


  • Is willing to embrace technology


  • Is open to different business model to create a valuation shift


  • Aligns with our mission to enable the efficient deployment of capital for the good of humanity.

we guide you in the process of Share Price and Valuation Transformation.

Why Bean Partners

Why Bean Partners?

Championing our CEOs 


Our leadership team have all been that CEO on the journey to make major change and have impact. We’ve each experienced the isolation, stress, disillusionment and frustration. We built Bean Partners to ensure that you, and other CEOs, don’t go it alone. 


The truth is that there is a very realistic way to succeed in truly shifting share price and having impact, and it can be fun, collaborative and (believe it or not) easy!


How We Make Ambition Feel Easy.

We’ve spent over 15 years building our data, intelligence and experience in the tech, talent, and investor ecosystems. Today we can support you to fund, scale and sell – successfully achieving your ambition with ease.

Our data and intelligence mapping unearths untapped opportunity to shift share price. 

Our experience enables us to execute buy-side and sell-side transactions with ease.

Our Share Price Transformation Model supports seamless integration of assets to build a functionally strong business. 

Book a free 30-minute call with our team to identify your very next priority. 

4 Steps

Our 4-Step Plan to a Share Price Transformation

Together we will define a plan that delivers a more scalable business model with a higher share price and value at exit.  

Step 1


Invest in a Value Realisation Roadmap to define the steps to share price transformation.

Let us analyse your Company to understand core assets and capabilities and overlay this with our knowledge of the tech, talent and investor ecosystems. Through access to data and intelligence you will identify the right tech acquisitions for your business. 

Step 2


Make informed decisions based on data and intelligence, to unlock the potential of your business.  

Where appropriate, we’ll support you to execute transactions to fund your business, sell underperforming assets and acquire the right high growth tech assets to maximise your outcome according to your Value Realisation Roadmap. 

Step 3


Achieve true functional, technology and cultural integration.

The majority of acquisitions fail due to poor integration. You'll be supported to deliver a seamless integration process that ensures the business is functional, aligned and prepared for your growth ambitions.  

Step 4


Lean in and let us support you to be the high impact leader you are capable of being.

Throughout the process you’ll feel clear and confident in your decisions as they are underpinned by data and intelligence. You’ll be supported to communicate your strategy and rationale to all stakeholders for a frictionless journey to share price transformation.


Steve came to Bean Partners looking to sell his business for a fair value to the right buyer who would take care of his team. He had been told his business could be sold at a multiple between a typical range of 8-12x EBITDA, Bean Partners sold it for a multiple of 21x EBITDA.


“Despite the words of warnings from friends, CEO colleagues and other advisors, about the perils and stresses of the process - those stresses never materialised. I honestly believe that this is due to the way Bean integrated themselves into the process, proactively navigating me and taking real ownership of all key aspects.”

Not Sure Yet? Let’s Take a Mini Step Together

Schedule a free 30-minute call with our team to identify your very next priority.

We want you to be the champion of your success story; a top performing CEO spearheading a market leading business through a journey of share price transformation. A journey where you build trusting, collaborative relationships with stakeholders and have fun along the way. Let us be your guide on the journey. 


A few promises from us…


  • You'll never feel pushed to work with us – we both need to make sure this partnership is going to work – cultural-alignment is at the core of our decision.

  • You'll always remain in control; we'll support and prepare you to make the right call for your business.

  • We know you cannot fail – it is our intent to make sure you succeed at all costs.

Insights and Events

Here’s a place you can get to know us better, our personalities and opinions.

Hopefully you can learn a valuable thing or two as well!


Business Without Bullshit Podcast by Oury Clark

25 minute listen




Key Levers to a Higher Valuation


Thursday 26th January 2023, London


Sector Insights

12 Actions Every CEO Can Take to Shift Share Price 


9 minute read


Let’s achieve together….

  • A consistently rising share price and valuation

  • Constantly improving financial metrics

  • Market leadership for your business

  • A feeling of control of a functional business

  • Clarity in your decisions backed up by data and intelligence

  • A business that attracts top talent 

  • A feeling of balance between board and team motivations

  • An enjoyable, collaborative and easy journey

  • Impact, success, legacy.

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