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Hidden Struggles: Mental Health of Entrepreneurs

In this vulnerable podcast episode, Phil Ives and Rob Begg open up about how entrepreneurship put strain on their mental health and urgently call out to Founders

Phil Ives

39 minutes

To what extent do Founders put themselves at risk of mental health decline by choosing entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship has become a glamorous area of business, and of course there are very good reasons to choose an entrepreneurial path. Being a Founder also means taking on significant responsibility and risk, and this can lead to stress.

Founder mental health is a rarely discussed topic, perhaps due to the assumption that a person with an appetite for risk has the mental capacity to take on the stress? The reality is that people who choose entrepreneurship often aren't aware of the challenges that come with the journey and only become aware through experience.

In this episode of the BRave Business Podcast, Phil Ives and Rob Begg talk about their own Founder journeys and their experiences with stress and mental health decline. Their goal is to provide a warning to people seeking that path, and a call to those on the journey to speak out if they are experiencing similar challenges.

Entrepreneurship is courageous, and that doesn't mean it those with courage should suffer in silence. We hope you benefit from this open and honest episode, and please share it with those who need it.

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