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Selling Your
Business With Ease


Having put years of work and energy into building your business, you deserve to see a great outcome at exit.


The fact is that 80% of businesses who enter a sale process, fail to sell (Forbes).  


Those who do sell often don’t achieve their desired sale outcome and are led to believe the sale process will be difficult and draining. 


This just isn’t good enough.  


More than 80% of businesses who use Bean Partners get an offer at least equal to, more often above, their expectations. 

4 Steps

Our 4-Step Plan to a Successful Business Sale

Together we will clarify your exit vision and deal terms, and define a sale strategy that meets your ambitions, protects your legacy and keeps you in control. 

Step 1


Invest in a Valuation Strategy to maximise your valuation.

Don’t believe benchmark multiples are the limit. We'll analyse your Company to understand core assets and capabilities and overlay this with our data, intelligence and experience of the buyer ecosystem.

Step 2


Drive a higher valuation through the right strategic actions. 

Where appropriate, we'll guide you through your Valuation Programme to maximise your valuation and outcome.  

Step 3


Meet aligned buyers and negotiate multiple offers.

Your Buyer Universe, underpinned by data and intelligence, will ensure you are introduced to aligned buyers who meet your expectations and ideals. We'll always work to achieve multiple offers to keep you in the driving seat when it comes to negotiating your outcome.

Step 4


Personally prepare for post-sale.

You'll feel prepared for your journey post-sale; the most overlooked part of the sale process when the dotted line is signed. Coaching conversations will enable you to clarify what’s next for you and your legacy, and ensure you're prepared for the next phase of your business journey. 

Book a free 30-minute call with our team to identify your very next priority.


Is it the right time to sell my business?

Many Founders and CEOs aren’t certain of the right time to sell. 


We’ve built our Sale-Ready Scorecard so that in less than 5 minutes you can determine whether it’s the right time. 

Antony Edwards Testimonial Pic.png

Antony and his Executive Team came to Bean Partners for support with a capital raise, and the subsequent deployment of that capital in preparation for, and execution of, the business sale. The team’s objectives were to sell to a great buyer, achieving a good outcome for investors and the Executive Team. The business sold to YouGov, achieving all of the teams objectives. 


“As Chair, my role is to deal with competing stakeholder priorities, and the buck ultimately stops with me. Bean Partners helped me personally to be a better diplomat, and more broadly really guided our team through the process. We were able to pin every decision back to the evidence provided by the intelligence, giving us confidence and clarity in our decisions and stakeholder communications."

Not Sure Yet? Let’s Take a Mini Step Together

Schedule a free 30-minute call with our team to identify your very next priority.

We want to prepare you for a strategic, data and intelligence-led sales process that you navigate with ease. A process where you sell to the right buyer, for the right price on the right terms, protecting both your people and your legacy. Let us be your guide on the journey. 


A few promises from us…


  • We'll speak plain English, and educate you on the process, expectations and industry jargon so that you feel informed and prepared. 

  • We'll always champion you and your business and find culturally-aligned buyers who are prepared for your terms.

  • We'll strive to achieve multiple offers in order for you to be in control of the outcome.

  • We'll be fully transparent about our process, actions and costs, no surprises.

  • We'll maintain discretion throughout the process; we know how important it is for you to communicate your intention, when the time is right. 

Insights and Events

Here’s a place you can get to know us better, our personalities and opinions.

Hopefully you can learn a valuable thing or two as well!


Five critical things to get right when selling your business

5 minute read

Bean Partners Successfully Executes Sale of Tradenet to S&P Global

Bean Partners Successfully Executes Sale of Tradenet to S&P Global

London, UK — 22nd March 2023

How to know when to sell your business?

How to know when to sell your business?

4 minute read


Let’s achieve together….

  • The financial outcome you dream of

  • The terms important to you, without compromise

  • Protection of your team post-sale

  • An easy, enjoyable process where you feel in control

  • Clarity on your journey post-sale

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