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Raising Capital From Series A to Series E


As the business leader, you're expected to deliver the cash required to scale your business and achieve the vision. 


A lack of access to capital is one of the most common reasons businesses fail at all stages of development.  While fundraising is critical to future success, you can’t spend all of your time in investor meetings when you’ve a business to run. 


Let us take the load off. 


Achieve your raise the smart and efficient way, well before you lose runway so that you can focus on building your business. 


Take the next step in your business with aligned investors you enjoy working with. 


Be the leader who delivers despite market conditions, on time and with ease - a leader who maintains control of their destiny.  

4 Steps

Our 4-Step Plan to a Successful Fund Raise

Step 1


Invest in a Fund Raise Strategy to roadmap your growth funding journey.

Let us analyse your Company to understand core assets and capabilities and overlay this with our knowledge of the tech and investor ecosystems. Together we'll clarify your exit vision and define a funded path to exit that maximises your chances of a successful outcome. 

Step 2


Get promotion-ready with confidence.

Your business will be able to demonstrate the key metrics your investor will expect. You’ll also feel informed and prepared for investor meetings as a result of education on the process, language and expectations; and be ready to story-tell and able to handle any questions.

Step 3


Meet aligned investors and reach your funding goal.

You’ll be introduced to aligned investors within your ecosystem that have the capital and conviction to invest. We'll work to achieve multiple offers to give you a sense of your business' true market value and create enough market tension to keep you firmly in the driving seat. 

Step 4


Deploy capital effectively and maximise your runway.

You’ll be guided to efficiently deploy the capital you raise to meet your business vision. This process will maximise your runway by optimising your burn rate, ensuring that you raise future rounds proactively according to your Fund Raise Strategy (as opposed to raising reactively due to need). 

Book a free 30-minute call with our team to identify your very next priority.

Are you ready to raise?

Many Founders and CEOs aren’t certain of the right time to raise. 


We’ve built our Raise Ready Scorecard so that in less than 5 minutes you can determine whether it’s the right time. 

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Got work to do to become raise-ready? Join FounderZone

Democratising premium strategic consulting to level the playing field for all founders. 

FounderZone is a membership platform empowering ambitious founders to fund, scale sell through on demand content, live events and a founder community. 

Antony Edwards Testimonial Pic.png

Antony and his Executive Team came to Bean Partners for support with a capital raise, and the subsequent deployment of that capital in preparation for, and execution of, the business sale. The team’s objectives were to sell to a great buyer, achieving a good outcome for investors and the Executive Team. The business sold to YouGov, achieving all of the teams objectives. 


“As Chair, my role is to deal with competing stakeholder priorities, and the buck ultimately stops with me. Bean Partners helped me personally to be a better diplomat, and more broadly really guided our team through the process. We were able to pin every decision back to the evidence provided by the intelligence, giving us confidence and clarity in our decisions and stakeholder communications."

Not Sure Yet? Let’s Take a Mini Step Together

Schedule a free 30-minute call with our team to identify your very next priority.

We want to support you in achieving a smart and efficient fund raise that allows you to maintain focus on building your business – a strategic raise that sets you up for future funding and exit, with aligned investors you enjoy working with. Let us be your guide to this outcome.


A few promises from us…


  • We'll speak plain English and explain any industry jargon ahead of your investor meetings.

  • We'll inform you of the process and expectations so that you always feel in control.

  • We'll champion you and find culturally-aligned investors who get it.

  • We'll prepare you for your investor meetings so that you never feel intimidated or caught out.

  • We'll be fully transparent in our process, actions and costs, no surprises.

Insights and Events

Here’s a place you can get to know us better, our personalities and opinions.

Hopefully you can learn a valuable thing or two as well!

The 3 Things Every Investor Will Expect You To Know When Pitching

The 3 Things Every Investor Will Expect You To Know When Pitching

5 minute read

Money20/20 Europe

Money20/20 Europe

6th-8th June 2023, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Organic growth or funded-growth?

Organic growth or funded-growth?

3 minute read


Let’s achieve together….

  • Strategy and roadmap for your fundraising journey

  • Successful raise

  • Board of investors you like and can work with

  • Feeling of clarity and control

  • Freed up time to build your business

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