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What does a good financial model look like?

Max describes how to make a sophisticated financial model simple and storytelling to both attract investors, and build their confidence in your ability to achieve your vision.

3 minute read
How to make sales in a slow market

How do we ensure market dynamics don’t impact on our performance? We ask our top sales performers Joe and Finley what they’re doing to maintain control of their outcomes.

3 minute read
Define your business positioning in one word

Your business is well positioned when your team, customers and even competitors articulate it the same way. Learn how this level of clarity leads to strong commercial performance.

2 minute read
Blick Rothenberg and Bean Partners Private Dinner June 2023

Blick Rothenberg and Bean Partners host an invitation-only event for CEOs considering selling their business in the coming years.

London - 14th June 2023
Bean Partners Successfully Executes Sale of Tradenet to S&P Global

The M&A team at BEAN Partners, led by Damian Woodward and Tom Imlay, advised the shareholders of Tradenet on the sale of their business.

London, UK — 22nd March 2023
Money20/20 Europe

Our team are excited to be a part of the most notorious event in the Fintech industry

6th-8th June 2023, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Five critical things to get right when selling your business

Speaking from experience, Tom describes factors that will reduce complexity and support your energy through the process of selling your business.

5 minute read
How to know when to sell your business?

Learn the best time to sell your business - when you are able to release the full potential of the asset you have built, and in turn, continue your legacy.

4 minute read
Sifted Summit 2023

The event that brings together the European startup ecosystem for two days of content and networking. We're excited to meet fintech, health tech and sustainability tech businesses on site.

4th - 5th October 2023
Webinar: Strategic fund raising according to your exit vision

Join us for a fund raising webinar on 27th September, where Damian will delve deeper into his Money 20/20 topic on how a strategic approach to fund raising can impact your outcome at exit.

27th September 2023 - 10am
Hidden Struggles: Mental Health of Entrepreneurs

In this vulnerable podcast episode, Phil Ives and Rob Begg open up about how entrepreneurship put strain on their mental health and urgently call out to Founders

39 minutes
Bean Partners Private Dinner May 2023

Bean Partners host an invitation-only event for CEOs looking to sell their business in the coming years.

London - 4th May 2023
Business Without Bullsh-t Podcast Part 2

If you enjoyed Part 1, tune into this 'extras' episode to learn more about Phil's journey and his top tips for business owners.

24 minute listen
Business Without Bullsh-t Podcast Part 1

Our Consulting Lead Phil Ives talks acting, bad advice and successful business exit stories.

32 minute listen
The 3 Things Every Investor Will Expect You To Know When Pitching

Key to a successful raise is having a good understanding of investor motivations. In this Essential Guide Damian picks out 3 crucial and underestimated areas of focus for your pitch.

5 minute read
DIY Fundraising; Why the cost of capital can be your sanity

How founders and CEOs can maintain their focus on building their business whilst simultaneously raising much needed capital from institutional investors.

3 minute read
The number you really need to know to drive business performance

Phil shares insight into the mathematics of strategic resourcing and gives case study examples of CEOs who, through awareness of this key number, have boosted business performance

5 minute read
Is early-stage fund raising all about the founder?

Damian explores the role the founders play in attracting investors and delves into 3 things Founding Teams can do to drive investor appetite and commitment at those critical early stages.

3 minute read
Who Would Buy My Business?

Many CEOs feel they already know their likely buyers. Exploring and building a broader Buyer Universe will likely unearth new prospects and enable you to leverage a stronger sale outcome.

3 minute read
Organic growth or funded-growth?

In this blog Damian outlines how your chosen growth path can influence your outcome when it comes to selling your business. 

3 minute read
When to sell your business (and when not to) BRave Business Podcast

Phil talks if and when to sell your business, surprising the host with vulnerability from his own experience as a business owner

36 minute listen
The 7 Biggest Levers to a Higher Valuation

Breaking down the formula for calculating business valuation, Damian covers the 7 factors that can really drive up business value.

10 minute read
To what degree is your business dysfunctional? How do you fix it?

How fixing a dysfunctional team led them to quadruple their profits, double their revenues and create the foundation for a very successful sale of the business.

3 minute read
The Role of Chairperson in a Business Sale

Antony and his Executive Team hit their objectives of a capital raise, efficient deployment, and business sale to a good buyer, YouGov.

3 minute read

Let’s achieve together….

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  • Successful raise

  • Board of investors you like and can work with

  • Feeling of clarity and control

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