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Maximising Business


As CEO you're expected to build a business with real value for exit. 


The truth is that, when the time to exit comes, 80% of businesses who enter a sale process fail to sell (Forbes) - indicating that the majority of CEOs do not build value. 


Don’t be one of the statistics. 


Be a leader who effects change and delivers a major shift in valuation by building your business strategically and making decisions backed by data and intelligence. 


Every business which has been through our Valuation Strategy process has achieved a valuation above industry benchmarks.

4 Steps

Our 4-Step Plan to Valuation Transformation

Step 1


Invest in a Valuation Strategy to define the steps to a higher valuation.

Don’t believe benchmark multiples are the limit. We'll analyse your Company to understand core assets and capabilities and overlay this with our data, intelligence and experience of the tech, talent, buyer and investor ecosystems. Together we'll clarify your business vision and define a strategy that meets your ambitions and keeps you in control.

Step 2


Embark on your Valuation Programme to maximise your valuation.

Your Valuation Programme will make crystal clear which strategic activities will deliver the biggest shift in valuation. Our support in the delivery of these projects will ensure you're maximising your time playing to your strengths. Our strengths lie in:

  • Functionality

  • Strategic positioning

  • Portfolio Analysis 

  • Buy-Side Intelligence (Identifying acquisition targets)

  • Culture

  • Modelling 

Step 3


Keep one step ahead and measure your progress through The Endeavour Platform.

Not only will you have real-time access to your business health and valuation progress, you'll also maintain knowledge of your evolving buyer universe and have quick access to all intelligence, market mapping and your data room. The Endeavour Platform will take all the friction out of future transactions by ensuring your business is prepared for any buy or sell process.

Step 4


Make informed decisions based on data to accelerate your business.

Where appropriate we'll work together to execute transactions to fund your business and acquire the right high growth assets to maximise value according to your Valuation Strategy. 

Book a free 30-minute call with our team to identify your very next priority.


Is my business saleable?

The truth is that 80% of businesses who enter a sale process fail to sell (Forbes). Often the business in unsaleable. 


We’ve built our Sale-Ready Scorecard so that in less that 5 minutes you can determine how saleable your business is. 

Antony Edwards Testimonial Pic.png

Antony and his Executive Team came to Bean Partners for support with a capital raise, and the subsequent deployment of that capital in preparation for, and execution of, the business sale. The team’s objectives were to sell to a great buyer, achieving a good outcome for investors and the Executive Team. The business sold to YouGov, achieving all of the teams objectives. 


“As Chair, my role is to deal with competing stakeholder priorities, and the buck ultimately stops with me. Bean Partners helped me personally to be a better diplomat, and more broadly really guided our team through the process. We were able to pin every decision back to the evidence provided by the intelligence, giving us confidence and clarity in our decisions and stakeholder communications."

Not Sure Yet? Let’s Take a Mini Step Together

Schedule a free 30-minute call with our team to identify your very next priority.

We want you to be the leader who achieves a significantly enhanced valuation of a functionally strong business – a business that attracts the best industry talent and boasts trusting, collaborative relationships between all stakeholders. We want you to have fun as you take on the ultimate business challenge - building value. Let us be your guide on the journey.


A few promises from us…


  • You'll never feel pushed to work with us – we both need to make sure this partnership is going to work – cultural-alignment is at the core of our decision

  • You'll always remain in control; we'll support and prepare you to make the right call for your business

  • We know you cannot fail – it is our intent to make sure you succeed at all costs

Insights and Events

Here’s a place you can get to know us better, our personalities and opinions.

Hopefully you can learn a valuable thing or two as well!

The 7 Biggest Levers to a Higher Valuation

The 7 Biggest Levers to a Higher Valuation

10 minute read

Money20/20 Europe

Money20/20 Europe

6th-8th June 2023, Amsterdam, Netherlands

To what degree is your business dysfunctional? How do you fix it?

To what degree is your business dysfunctional? How do you fix it?

3 minute read


Let’s achieve together….

  • A major upward shift in valuation

  • Constantly improving financial metrics

  • Clear differentiation and market leadership for your business

  • A feeling of control of a functional business

  • Clarity in your decisions backed up by data, intelligence and experience

  • A business that attracts top talent

  • A feeling of balance between board and team motivations

  • A fun and collaborative journey.

  • Impact, success, legacy

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