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Ambitious CEOs

as you fund, scale and sell your business

Bean Partners guides ambitious CEOs to drive their valuation. For non-traditional CEOs looking for a new way to become champion of their success. 80% of businesses who enter a sale process fail to sell, over 80% of CEOs who work with Bean Partners achieve an offer at least matching, often exceeding their expectations. The image of the skydiver demonstrates the courage our CEOs have, and the parachute represents the support we can provide.

As CEO, you’re expected to deliver a major shift in valuation. The truth is that 80% of businesses who enter a sale process fail to sell (Forbes) – demonstrating that the majority of CEOs do not achieve those expectations.  


These traditional results are created by traditional corporate finance. It just doesn’t have to be this way. 


We want you to be:

  • the champion of your success, leading your business to a significantly enhanced valuation above benchmark

  • a leader who creatively transforms the business into a functionally strong, amazing place of work that attracts the best industry talent and deploys capital efficiently

  • a leader who effects change, generates trusting, collaborative relationships with stakeholders – and has fun on the challenging journey.

What We Do

What We Do

If you’re a software, tech-enabled service or advanced industrials business that….


has enterprise value between £20-£150m

is turning over revenue of £5-£50m

has ambitions to significantly shift valuation

aligns with our mission to enable efficient deployment of capital for the good of humanity


we guide you in the process of….

Maximising Your Valuation 


For CEOs looking to drive a valuation above industry benchmark.

Raising Capital 


For CEOs looking to raise Series A to E funding the smart and efficient way with aligned investors.  

Selling Your Business 


For CEOs looking to sell within 12 months to the right buyer, for the right price on the right terms.  

Why Bean Partners

Why Bean Partners?

Championing our CEOs 


Our DNA as a business is formed by our extensive personal experience of the CEO journey.  Our leadership team have all been that Chief Exec expected to make change. We get it. 


We built Bean Partners to ensure that, armed with the key data and intelligence, you don’t go it alone. 

As a CEO with the ambition to achieve a major shift in valuation, you already think differently. It’s time to break away from ‘the norm’ and try a different approach to corporate finance. 

Let us be your guide. 

Why work with Bean Partners? Because our leadership team have all been that Chief Exec and have experienced the stress, isolation and feeling of shock absorber between stakeholders. We built this business to ensure CEOs don't go it alone. The pictures represents an Ambitious CEO inthe Formula 1 car, and Bean Partners as the reliable team in the pit stop.

How We Make Ambition Feel Easy.

We’ve spent over 15 years building our data, intelligence and experience in the tech, talent, and investor ecosystems.

Today we can support you to fund, scale and sell – successfully achieving your ambition with ease

Everything we do is underpinned by data and intelligence.  


All of your challenging decisions will be made with clarity and confidence, based on checked facts not believed facts. 

We have 15+ years
experience executing transactions. 


Trust our proven process to deliver results above your expectations (rather than relying on someone’s black book). 

We're expert in identifying your core assets and capabilities.


Our process here unearths untapped opportunities and drives valuations above industry benchmarks. 

Book a free 30-minute call with our team to identify your very next priority. 

Antony Edwards Testimonial Pic.png

Antony and his Executive Team came to Bean Partners for support with a capital raise, and the subsequent deployment of that capital in preparation for, and execution of, the business sale. The team’s objectives were to sell to a great buyer, achieving a good outcome for investors and the Executive Team. The business sold to YouGov, achieving all of the teams objectives. 


“As Chair, my role is to deal with competing stakeholder priorities, and the buck ultimately stops with me. Bean Partners helped me personally to be a better diplomat, and more broadly really guided our team through the process. We were able to pin every decision back to the evidence provided by the intelligence, giving us confidence and clarity in our decisions and stakeholder communications."


Is my business saleable?

The truth is that 80% of businesses who enter a sale process fail to sell (Forbes). Often the business in unsaleable. 


We’ve built our Sale-Ready Scorecard so that in less that 5 minutes you can determine how saleable your business is. 

Our Mission:
To enable the efficient deployment of capital for the good of humanity.

There is a lot wrong in the world of Corporate Finance. 


It's our responsibility to enable good companies to raise and deploy capital efficiently for the good of humanity. It's then the responsibility of our CEOs to follow-through. 


To demonstrate our commitment to our mission, we are proud to share that we have started the journey to become a B Corporation. You won’t find many of those in our sector. Change starts here. 

Insights and Events

Here’s a place you can can get to know us better, our personalities and opinions.
Hopefully you can learn a valuable thing or two as well!

What does a good financial model look like?

What does a good financial model look like?

Max describes how to make a sophisticated financial model simple and storytelling to both attract investors, and build their confidence in your ability to achieve your vision.

3 minute read

The 7 Biggest Levers to a Higher Valuation

The 7 Biggest Levers to a Higher Valuation

Breaking down the formula for calculating business valuation, Damian covers the 7 factors that can really drive up business value.

10 minute read

Bean Partners Successfully Executes Sale of Tradenet to S&P Global

Bean Partners Successfully Executes Sale of Tradenet to S&P Global

The M&A team at BEAN Partners, led by Damian Woodward and Tom Imlay, advised the shareholders of Tradenet on the sale of their business.

London, UK — 22nd March 2023

Bean Partners helps our ambitious CEOs to be champions of their success - achieving a major shift in business valuation and performance

Let’s achieve together….

  • A major upward shift in valuation

  • Constantly improving financial metrics

  • Clear differentiation and market leadership for your business

  • A feeling of control of a functional business

  • Clarity in your decisions backed up by data, intelligence and experience

  • A business that attracts top talent

  • A feeling of balance between board and team motivations

  • A fun and collaborative journey

  • Impact, success, legacy

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